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Dear Fellow Network Marketer,

You are about to learn how by applying the untold psychological secrets of the Brain, you can actually make New Distributors and Customers ,come running to you , ready to join your Network Marketing Business Automatically!

Why should your prospect join your MLM business?

The rules of the game keep changing at random. For example a company is giving their pay out generously. Suddenly one fine day, the company changes its payout policy a bit, which upsets the distributors and they quit. Even if your company has a reputation of a high payout master, people don’t believe the MLM concept these days so easily ,thanks to all those fly-by-night and Get Rich Overnight scam companies which have ruined the faith of people in the network marketing model.

Therefore, it is not the company that they actually want to join

Off course the MLM Company should be genuine and a good pay out master to interest them, but it is not the only thing. There has to something beyond the MLM company that will excite them, induce belief in them and give them the courage, confidence and trust to join your business.

Bragging is Sin. Attraction is King…

Do you remember that pushy sales man who tried to really impress you with his stunts and somehow tried to convince you with his arguments? Was it not so very frustrating?
We encounter such things in our daily life and we just hate them as Pests. If this is the reality than how can we ever afford to behave the same?

What we need to adopt is an attraction strategy. Our entire marketing structure should be designed in such a way that it gets the prospect interested and they hunt us. And not we hunt them. Because, only when we become the hunted  we are in control.

How does it matter if your ad generates 100 enquiries and the conversion is ZERO?

So, you did massive advertising and generated a hundred enquiries and at the end of the day you don’t have a single new distributor joining your business. Have you faced this situation? If you did, I am sure you can understand how dejected you felt. You did all the hard work and the result is simply wastage of your money. Don’t you feel really helpless and powerless every time this thing happens?

Attraction is NOT All-in-All…

They came, they saw and they went! This scene is phase two of the frustrating factor. They call you to learn more of your business, get interested and an appointment is fixed. Then they turn up on the appointment day, everything goes fine but then suddenly they back off. Could anything be more frustrating than this?

This teaches us that attraction is King but Keeping the Attraction is the Queen.

(And the King and the Queen are inseperable.The point here is… generating the attraction is important, but more crucial is sustaining it.)

What’s so unique about Network Marketing Secrets4U-Guidebook? How is it different?

Like I said, being pushy is offending and unnecessary…

The Network Marketing Secrets4u Guidebook will show you how to trigger and arrest the attention of the customer. And not only that, it will also take you through a step-by-step sequence process wherein you will learn how to keep that attraction.

And not only will it show you this step-by-step process, it will also reveal to you a check list.

What is this checklist?

You have been practicing a particular marketing style advised by your up-line, but how sure are you on its effectiveness? Is it 20%, 30% or 55%.Well, at any given day, if you ask any average network marketer to review your marketing approach, they will simply give you an ordinary opinion. You consult another marketer and he gives you a different opinion. With these varied form of opinions, your brain simply gets confused not knowing what to do.

All you can hope for is a tactic, which is proven, sound and easily applicable and which will fuel your product sales and get you more down lines into your network.

What if you had a standard and clear set of benchmarks and guidelines?

The Network Marketing Secrets4u guidebook is here to provide you with that Standard set of checklist. Refer to these proven techniques and apply them accordingly into your marketing method.

Does this checklist actually work? Give Reasons.

Certainly. For it is not any hastily put up information. But it is prepared with a Step-By-Step scientific approach which exactly hits the psychology of your new distributors and customers.

Reason 1: The Network Marketing Secrets4u Guidebook is built on a sequence based organized method. It is not random.

Reason 2: It isn’t a gimmick or some kind of illusion. Rather, it is brain driven. It is based on the brain’s decision making pattern which has not changed since centuries.

Reason 3: You will learn to identify where the error exists. You just need to simply rectify it.

In short, you will precisely learn how to…

Generate the Attraction| Keep the Attraction | Convert the Attraction into a Perfect Sale

What else does it have to offer?
In the Network Marketing Secrets4u Guidebook you will learn the core of strategic and specific marketing  tools, how to roll out a strategy to sell your MLM products and the Opportunity itself, through carefully selected words and how to sculpt attention grabbing headlines that instantly arrests your prospect’s attention.
Some of the topics that will be covered in are here…

The never –revealed Sponsoring tactic

The secret ways the Big Boys in the MLM industry have been using all so long to attract and sponsor new distributors without mentioning their company name.

Who are opportunity seekers any why are they most defective lot to Sponsor?

You need to learn to spot them and avoid them to save your energy, money and precious time.

How to generate Self-Worth in front of others?

Learn how to create personal uniqueness and brand uniqueness. A sure shot way to earn the respect of the industry leaders and prospects

(even if you have not sponsored any)

The bread and butter market

- Learn to identify the target market in the MLM industry. Whom should you target your retail product to (and Why?).

The Prospecting Virus

Why should you avoid the virus called “Genealogy List”

And there’s more…

The ultimate move

- Learn the most intelligently-effective way to make money in MLM (this is the exact opposite approach, which the ordinary networker can’t even imagine of!).

- Also learn why you lose customers when you explain your process too early.

Understand what to advertise (and what you shouldn’t)

- Why advertising your company’s products and patents will actually kill your chances of sponsoring your new prospect?

- When you advertise, should you advertise your opportunity or something else?

- Also learn why an ‘incredible offer’ made in the wrong language falls flat.

The Reverse strategy revealed

Learn How to apply psycho-secrets to stop knocking on client’s door get them come running to you instead? (This little piece of information, after you discover will make you weep with joy…)

Learn How to create attention grabbing headlines?

  • A 120% Guaaaahraaanteeed way to capture the attention of your prospects with your ads…. (You will just love this).
  • Also learns why headlines fail? And how to rectify them?
The double edged sword-

Realize the 2 most deadly words which can create turmoil. Ignore them at your own risk.

And even more…

 -The secret to the Buying Psychic

  • Should marketing in MLM be based on Emotional approach or logical approach (and why)?
  • How to avoid the most effective wrong ways to impress your customer.
  • How to contact 1000’s of other network marketers who are ready to join your MLM (without making that stupid phone call)

How to apply sequence in choosing your right MLM?

What are the check list items to be satisfied, before you choose your MLM(and Why?)

The check-mate approach

How to make your prospects pay you, even if they are dead sure that they will not join your opportunity? (Well knowing this particular trick will be an absolute fun…you bet!)

And yes…

It doesn’t end here, there are much more stuffs that you will learn in the entire course filled with real life examples,monster information and cases studies.See it for yourself how advertising gurus big or small have all used in these secrets into their campaigns.

How much this book cost?

Rs 500 .Well you spend that money eating popcorns while watching a movie in the multiplex, don't' you? Do those popcorns give you knowledge and open your mind to new ideas? Do those popcorns make you money? Do those popcorns offer any kind of equity?

Look You have 2 options now.

1. Ignore this letter, become a Brave Heart and face all the heavy blows and Arrows on your chest…not until all your energy, motivation and money fades out and you touch your ears never to try this business again….blaming and putting forth excuses just like the other guy who has failed.


2. Be smart and grab a copy of NetworkMarketingSecrets4u-The Guide book now and learn how to psychologically attract new distributors and customers and convert them into your downline.

When you learn these secrets and effectively apply them, making money in MLM will be far easier and Fun!


I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge. Very useful...very powerful !
Mirshad Muhammed (Bangalore, India)

The Goodies


  • 50 common words to be avoid like a plague that might break your Deal! (and Why?)

  • 50 Power words that will have deep impact on your prospects to take an action (should be used as often as possible). (and Why?)

  • Surprising Facts-such as how sitting next to the person at the head of the table puts you in a weak position (and where to sit instead)

  • 12 Real World strategies for Non-Verbal communications.

  • Beware of the 25 Non-Verbal pitfalls of body language that might prove costly!

  • The 4-Step formula for building a Sound Customer Base.


Thank you Neilh for sharing your knowledge. You showed me the rightnway to play with otherwise complicated game. Thankz again
Vinod Revankar (Bangalore, India)
Shop with Confidence

What better way can we give you an assurance for the value of your hard earned money than by offering you a 100 % money back guarantee .We’re proud to say that if you’re not happy with the Network Marketing Secrets4U -The Guidebook within the first 30 days of your purchase, we’ll give you your money back. It’s your choice. Your discretion. We pride ourselves on getting things right. That doesn’t mean we’re perfect, but when we make mistakes, we fix them.


How to buy the book?

Option 1. Please Send a DD or a Cheque of Rs.1500/- furnishing the details below and send it to my Address: Ho.No 4, Chandmari,A.E.I Road,Guwahati-781003,Assam along with your contact and personal details.

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After you deposit the amount, please write me an email at Neilh@NetworkMarketingSecrets4U.com with the following details:

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Option 3. Do an online transfer with the following details.

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Once the amount is realized.We will send you the Product/Products within 24 hours.

***Be rest assured that you are covered by our 100% Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee.If you don't like the product, you can return it to us immediately within the first 30 days of your purchase.

Warm regards,

Neilh M Gautam

P.S: Every day you are struggling to find out the way to crack the code in your MLM business. Here is your opportunity to get the keys to the kingdom and enjoy a life style you always dreamt of. And here is your opportunity to end your woes of running around to join in new down lines and selling your products.

And don’t forget you’re covered by our 100% double guarantee. If this course doesn’t help you in your business, I’ll be happy to return you your hard earned money back with a smile. Return this course within the first 30 days of your purchase for a complete refund. Just put it in a box and send it back.

Worries? Questions?

Should you have any concerns or questions, feel free to mail me directly and I will be glad to assist you with. Just let me know how I can help. If there’s anything that I can do, I surely will. I will appreciate your feedback. Your feedback is strictly confidential.

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