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Dear Fellow Network Marketer,

You are about to learn how by applying the untold psychological secrets of the Brain, you can actually make New Distributors and Customers ,come running to you , ready to join your Network Marketing Business Automatically!
Expectations: The King Kong Syndrome!

It is the feeling of waiting for something to happen.

And this thing called Expectation is absolutely abstract.

Yes, abstract it is, because you can't see it. You can't hear it. You can't touch it. You can't smell it. And you can't converse with it.

But you can definitely feel it. And when you feel it, it appears to be a Mount Everest sized King Kong!

So, what do I mean?

Well, I am taking about me not delivering on your expected expectations. You see, when I say something, I set certain definite standards and expectations to it. And also am not always sure how you interpret what I announce. You may, for instance, require something but at the same time a bit reluctant to inform me. The reason: You perceive me to be very busy.

And am I busy?

Yes, I am. And we all are, isn't it? Am I perfect? No, I am not. And no one else on this mommy earth is. And that is the reason it may so happen that I may fall short of your expectations. And hence consequently, I request you to give me a feedback, because it is so very important to erase the problem then and there, rather than waiting months for it to evaporate into the thin air by itself (which it will never).

The scene is like me standing on one bank and you on the other bank of the river. And the point here is that we need to connect. And presumably your feedback is the bridge to establish that connection.

Running a course is like attending to many respected guests at home. All having their well thoughts of request and prized suggestions. But it is possible in the due course of hosting, the host misses out to cater to a request or two or more so, he could also have forgotten what he had said.

And the repercussions

The guest might feel neglected or bugged (which in fact is never the intended intention of the guest).

But, here it shouldn't be. Because there is definitely a way out.

  1. If you experience something with which you are uneasy or uncomfortable with or if for any reason ,any problem or promise remains unresolved, then please do intimate me immediately by underlining the issue at:
    neilh@networkmarketingsecrets4u.com or give me a buzz at (0)8011-354-233.

  2. If you notice any bug or glitches in the website, service or the product then please again email me directly. I confess that I am not totally up to speed like Superman on fixing all the issues immediately, but I petition you to remind me and don't give up until I fix it.

  3. And one more thing if you find any buttons not functioning, you know what to do ;)

Your advancement, achievement, happiness and success are very critical to my well-being and felicity. And if for any reasons you feel unhappy, unattended or left out, I feel the exact same-if not worse. And that because I so badly want to be the Good Host!

I really want you to progress and move ahead with enlightment.And if I happen to find out later, that there was something that I could have done to help you with, but couldn't, believe me it will break my heart (and goof up my brain).

Therefore, please use the feedback system to contact me or feel free to give me a call. Or send me some black forest pastries if you think I deserve ;)

Because the last think I will ever want to do is to ignore you. Be it directly or indirectly.

And yes one more thing, if in the course of this read, I bugged you, then I humbly apologize. That's because I want to help you. Therefore, please help me to help you.

And ending here with an enthusiastic note :

All I want for you is that you reach the stars and importantly, prove your worth to the world, most importantly- to yourself and above all these that exist, to the Supreme Lord.

Good luck! And Thanks a lot!

Wishes and Regards

Neilh M Gautam


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