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Dear Fellow Network Marketer,

You are about to learn how by applying the untold psychological secrets of the Brain, you can actually make New Distributors and Customers ,come running to you , ready to join your Network Marketing Business Automatically!

It all started when I was 6!

Six years sounds a peculiar time to start a marketing career. But that's the age I can remember of when I first got introduced to business. We had this big bogori tree (it is a fruit found mostly in the north eastern regions of India) in my grandma's backyard where you could find ripe bogori's hanging by the branches. Since it was season time, my little brain thought why not sell some and earn some bucks. at least I could buy some ice creams and chocolates for my self!

So I took a container and started collecting as many I could. All ready with my product, I marched straight and found a place to start my first business, just by the main gate of the house (granny’s house is situated just besides the main road; therefore you will find people walking by the footpath continuously throughout the day).

And there I was all geared up and ready to sell my bogoris and indeed I got many customers .

Next venture.

I was in my 6th grade and our school issued new identity card. The I-Cards were actually paper cards which got damaged the moment it came in contact with water. You can imagine a child running here and there; playing, splashing water at each other and all that jazz…so very often the teacher could find the I-Card in two pieces.

One fine day, I was in my father’s office room, searching for something and guess what; I discovered a huge pile of unused transparent plastic I-Card jackets (and in good condition).There lit the business bulb in my brain again. I collected all the jackets and marketed and sold all the jackets in my school…so much so that even my principal requested for one !

And I was oil rich Arab for the next few months…!

Mission Accomplished: Hell Yeaahhhh!

What did I learn from these two early life experiences?

To find a hungry audience and market the right product with the highest quality!

Fresh out of college, with a degree in software engineering (out of all things) and I joined Reliance Telecom in the sales department in Mumbai.

There I met a man called Abraham who will instill in me the knowledge of direct marketing,selling,closing tactics, advertising and copywriting .A very passionate and hardworking guy he was who has lived in the hard trenches of the sales and marketing field for long.

A few years down the line, and I got back to my software domain. Working as a developer and business analyst in a company called E-media.com.au and interacting with clients, getting to know their psychologies, attitudes, tastes and perception gave me a better understanding of the buying psyche as a whole. I learnt that we all have a buying trance. As a marketer we need to identify the trance, define it, learn the Why, What, Where, How of it and capitalize at this knowledge to smoothen the sales process.

I read about 50 books a year or more and listen extensively to audio tapes. The mysteries of the human mind have always fascinated me, and I learnt that almost every decision is based on the ego factor. I love reading the works of Edward De Bono on lateral thinking, Carl Jung on Psychology and Roger  Kerin on sales. They are the masters in their respective fields.

Dad was a teacher, mom was a teacher, grand father too…

Every information I provide through news letters, books or any other medium is distilled and structured. Teaching runs in my blood. It’s a family thing you see. Dad is a lawyer too and I have learnt from him some of the untold tactics for client management and client retention. Most of my cousins are into sales and marketing and I thank them for helping me sharpen my marketing skills.

Software guy and knowledge of MLM?

Sounds a little off track, doesn’t it? True, but there is something called satisfaction. Sales and human psychology and all the relevant communications orbiting them give me the real kick.MLM is no much different from other forms of marketing. Because the concepts of selling to the human mind and decision making pattern of the brain have remained constant throughout millions of years and will continue to be the same for the next millennium. I have been through thick of the advertising and MLM crowd and have got my own insights into the subjects which I love. And I take pride on it. I like to keep my clients well informed as to what is going on in the market and am pretty approachable. But don’t take my word for it, you can read some of the testimonial that you will find browsing through the website and then take your judgmental decision.

I hope you enjoy this site.


Neilh M Gautam

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